Breaking Ground: Behind the Scenes at FlyOver Iceland

The project is ambitious: a brand new, world-class tourist attraction in Reykjavík's most exciting neighbourhood. A flight-ride that'll whisk people to some of the least-known and most stunning locations in Iceland.

Also, there is a provocative, innovative series of pre-show experiences that bring the culture and natural history of Iceland to life in a way never seen before. This is FlyOver Iceland. And behind it all, a team of leading experts—from architects to pilots, filmmakers to engineers.

Throughout the next eight months, we'll be sharing the story of how this ambitious project comes together.

Our first chapter, Breaking Ground, tells the 'why' of the project—why it was such an irresistible idea in the first place. And, we'll take an inside look at the construction project as the building takes shape.

Watch Breaking Ground above and continue on to see the epic filming of Chapter 2, Getting the Shot

Join our community to stay in touch, and watch out for Chapter 3 dropping in spring 2019.

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